Welcome to Octography

We are a non-profit group run by Octomobiki and Vicious Cosplay. Octography dedicates itself to capturing members of the cosplay community in Anime, Manga, Video Games, American Comic Books, Web Comics, and other forms of entertainment media. Photographs are free for distribution, as long as credit is given to the photographer for his work. If you would like to contact members of Octography, please reference our about page for e-mail.

On Facebook

Photos shown in the Octography Galleries are the best singles of each shot, but more versions may be available in the photo galleries on our Facebook Page. Look for the facebook mameshiba in each gallery to directly link you to Facebook!

Any picture posted here is also in our facebook gallery, as well as other variations of those pictures. You are more than welcome to tag yourself or your friends. Remember: You must like Octography in order to tag.

Terms of Use

By using any photos taken by Octography, you agree to the following:

Octography.org and associates holds rights to all photos. Octography reserves rights to amend or remove photographs not properly credited. Photos are not to be used for profit without first consulting Octography.

Photos are not to be manipulated without permission from Octography. This especially covers cropping of photo to remove watermark.

Pictures posted- including full resolution- are available free of charge for downloading. Any photo used on an outside website (Facebook, DA, Tumblr,ect) must credit Octography or Octomobiki. To download a picture, please right click the 'download' link posted below the image, and select save as. Or, click the image and use the same method to download the photograph.